TM 70 Motor – Operator with a force of 70kg traction.

TS 75 Motor – Operator with a force of 75kg traction.

TS 100 Motor – Operator with a force of 100kg traction.

SE 130 TS Motor – Operator with a force of 120kg traction.

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Welcome to a new generation!

  • Low power consumption
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Quality German engineering
  • Ten years chain guarantee
  • Adjustable light duration
  • Quality wall push button
  • Emergency release
  • 4-channel hand transmitter

Plug-on modules for advanced functions:

a) Automatic Closing (AZ), Time adjustable from 10 – 240 s
b) Dead-Man (TO) (Directions and impulses adjustable)
c) One Way Traffic Control (EI) (Traffic Light Control in narrow entrances)
433 MHz remote control with rolling code for enhanced security

  • Very low power consumption in stand-by 2.3 W
  • Short packaging length of 120 cm, only
  • Simple installation and adjustments
  • Connectors for external security devices as standard:

a) Photo Cell (self-testing)
b) Security Beam (with 8.2 kΩ resistor)
c) Hatch Door Switch

  • External remote receiver can be connected easily
  • Power supply for external components 24 V and 230 V
  • Extension rails available for doors up to 3.85 m high

TS series

  • High quality push button as serial standard (IP 44)
  • Emergency release as serial standard (either via the door handle or with pull cord)
  • Low head room – a minimum of 35 mm above the door is required

TM 70, TS 75, TS 100, TS 130

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