Dark Oak panels

For some design house a sectional garage door Golden Oak panels is an excellent choice. This wood imitation has the advantage to look like wood with out any fear of altering by time. 

This panel:

  • is anti-intrusion
  • is particularly strong
  • easy to maintain and to clean
  • has excellent thermal and sound insulation properties
  • is extremely stylish
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Sectional doors open vertically, your door panels rise along the vertical tracks and then are placed in the horizontal tracks near your ceiling. With this system, the door saves a maximum of  space rising vertically and slipping under the ceiling. A car can be parked close to the door without any difficulties.

Existing garage:

The shape of the bay (round, …) may absolutely not complicate the choice of this type of door. Each door is custom made and therefore adapts to your building.


Our doors meet the highest standards of safety system of European standards (CE certificate).


There is a wide range of different styles and colors available so that the door is designed exactly according to your tastes and desires.

Construction panel of the panels

composition des panneaux de portes sectionnelles

The panels are constructed according to the sandwich panel principle (steel sheet – PU high density foam – steel sheet). The high density foam is CFC-free and has excellent sound-deadening and thermal insulation properties.
The steel sheet is thermally galvanised on both faces and subsequently coated with a primer layer.
This quality product is highly weather-proof and corrosion-resistant.
No concessions have been made in terms of the choice of materials, sheet thickness and the type of PU foam used.

Sandwich-construction ISO panel:

A. Paint layer: 25 μm
B. Zinc coating: 275 g/m2
C. Steel sheet: 0.5 mm
D. Zinc coating: 275 g/m2
E. Primer coating
F. PU high
density foam: g = 45 kg/m3, CFC- and HCFC-free


Sans rainure, Rainuré, Planchette, Cassette

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