In line with the philosophy of the company’s founder, the Hörmann brand remains a guarantee for quality. With more than 75 years of experience in the construction of doors and operators and more than
20 million doors and operators sold, the family-owned business has become number 1 in Europe. This is very reassuring when buying a Hörmann up-and-over door.

Clear selection

Reliability Up-and-over garage doors Hörmann Berry, allows your door to swing outwards to be then placed under the ceiling of your garage. Over 20 door styles in steel and wood will give you design freedom.

Hörmann  Up-and-over garage doors differ in several ways:

  1. Quality and Safety
  2. Aesthetics and comfort
  3. High Tech

Armored Lock:
The manual locking system is very effective, the door is locked directly by the two lower corners (with  hooks which makes it safe from intruders).

Handling and Safety:
Through a system of protection against pinching, the door can be safely manipulated.

No falls door:
A system of multiple springs can prevent the door of  falling down. 

Steel or wood
Up-and-over garage doors can be both in wood or steel. There is a wide choice of designs and colors.


2250, 2375, 2500, 2625, 2750, 3000


1920, 2000, 2075, 2125, 2250, 2375, 2500, 2750

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